Registration Types

Types of Registration

1. The firms/Industries will be registered with DGMP as under:-

a.  Regular Registration:

1. Desirous firms will apply on their letterhead giving scope of their business/products manufactured. The application would be addressed to DGMP asking for registration. A copy of Instructions for registration, Forms SVA-8121 and SVA-8121 A etc (samples att at Annex C and D to Section 27), are issued at a non-refundable cost of Rs 1,000/. On receipt of forms duly filled by the firms, they are scrutinized for the following:-

a. Accurate and complete entries of the blanks/columns.

b.  Bank draft of Rs. 10,000/- on account of registration fees in favour of DGMP.

c.  Bank statement with a summary of transactions of major accounts for last three years.

d. A certificate from their bankers that the firm is financially sound.

e.  Memorandum of Article in case of Limited concerns.

f.  Partnership deed in case of Partnership firms.

g.  Evidence of movable/immovable property of all MDs, directors, partners and the individuals authorised to sign correspondence.

h.  Evidence of adherence to applicable Govt policies/Rules (Acts, Ordinances etc) and membership of Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

2.  A new case is opened in the name of the firm giving it a number from the registration section series.

3.  Firm is entered in the register maintained by registration section operating under ADMP (IP , which is arranged, in alphabetical order starting with the first letter of firm's letterhead.

4.  Copies of SVA 8121 and SVA-8121A/ SVA-8121B are forwarded to authorities for security clearance as per Section 30.

5.  DDMP(Tech) alongwith ADMP Concerned and ADMP (IP)/(Tech Committee) shall carry out the physical inspection of the firm premises and make recommendations of the facilities available and specific items which the firm has the capability to produce/manufacture for approval of DG (MP). The firm shall also be asked to fill the Annexes att as Annex D & E to Section 27.

6. A registration case becomes complete for putting up to DG(MP) on a minute sheet when following information has been received in favour of the firm without any adverse comments.

a.       Technical Report from Tech Committee of DGMP.

b.      Clearance from FS Team/Police as the case may be. In case the firm is already registered with any of the DP Div Establishment, Provisional Registration may be granted subject to final clearance.

c.       Bank statement and Bank certificate for Proprietor and Partnership concerns and bank certificate and auditors report in case of limited concerns.

d.      Agency agreement between the local agent firm and the foreign manufacturers/exporters (Applicable only to firms seeking registration as agent to foreign principals).

7. Letter of registration issued to the firms will be valid for three years from the date of its issue.

a.       Registration will be renewed only if the performance of the firm remains satisfactory during the period

b.      The performance of a firm participating in atleast one IT during the period will be considered as satisfactory except where less than three ITs have been issued during the period.

c.       This will also be applicable to already registered firms.

8. In case of any additional indexation desired with respect to items manufactured by a registered firm, they would submit a Bank draft of Rs. 2,000/- as indexation fees in favour of DGMP for every fresh indexation at a time.

b.  Provisional Registration:

1.  Provisional Registration against Particular Contract. This is meant for urgent cases only when the unregistered firms are not able to meet the registration requirements but DMPs are desirous of concluding contracts. Provisional registration may be granted for a particular contract on the recommendation of the DMP concerned and upon approval of DG (MP).

2. Provisional Registration pending FS Team/Police Verification. This is meant for cases where the firm has completed all formalities but FS Team/Police Verification is awaited.