What is Directorate General Munitions Productions?

In 1965, embargo placed on Pakistan made Govt realize, necessity of achieving self-reliance in defence production. This led to the estblishment of Dte Gen Munitions Production & Procurement (DGMP&P) in 1967, which was bifurcated in 1970 into DGDP & DGMP.
Role of DGMP is to promote & facilitate indigenous production of defence equipment through ToT, co-production and joint ventures.

What is difference between Ammunations & Munitions?

Munitions is a collective word used in broader form. It refers to military weapons, ammunition used for those weapons, military equipment, stores and their logistics.

What is the Mandate of DGMP?

DGMP's mandate is to maximize indigenous production of defence stores through public and private sector collaboration with the aim of attaining self-sufficiency.
Assisting MoDP in formulating plans for defence based future industrial planning.
Acquasiton of technology know-how and enter into collaboration arrangements whenever sizeable import of item is made.
Utilization of available R&D facilities within the country in pursuit of indiginization.

What is the benefit of registration with DGMP?

All firms / industries which wish to deal with DGMP and its subordinate organizations / departments (MVRDE, ARDE, Margalla Electronics and IOP) will need to be registered.
ITs and placing of contracts by DGMP & its subordinate departments will preferably be restricted to registered firms only.

Tell me more about registration procedure, required documents & fees?

Detailed information about Registration with DGMP can be found on our Registration page.
All this information is also available for Download.